Our Unique Approach

Our approach is different to many others in that we believe that the most powerful way to help people with their investments is to simply tell them the truth in a way that puts them and their interests first above all others.

So if we don’t think you would benefit from joining our Investment Fitness Club and that you’re joining fee represents poor value we will tell you so.

Unfortunately too many in the investment world use a different approach by trying to manipulate investor emotions by appealing to their greed or fear or even both! We call this financial pornography as it’s designed to titillate and tries to predict the unpredictable future!

Unlike most investment advisers, we actually believe that many investors will be well served by managing their own investments without having to pay yet another set of high fees and charges to advisers who in many cases fail to add any significant value and can too often actually destroy value for their clients.

So if you think being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your investments and what you can do to get them to peak fitness might just be of interest to you, you might like to consider our no obligation online Investment Fitness Test.

Free Investment Fitness Test
Check now to see how fit your investments are currently and in which areas you might benefit from further care and attention from whoever you chose to work with.