How good is your adviser compared to others?

Introducing The Vanguard Adviser Value Index-the 1st objective tool for measuring how much value your adviser adds.

Value can be defined in many ways and is, it might be argued, subjective. Perhaps the simplest and most profound definition is based on client perception of value. In order to assess perception of value received,over 1000 private investors  were asked the following 3 questions.This survey wascommissioned by the Vanguard Asset Management Ltd.,the UK arm of Vanguard Inc. one of the world’s largest fund managers with $2.9 trillion assets under management worldwide.

Responses to the three questions were combined into a single Value Index for the industry. By combining the three questions, the survey set a high bar based on a broad definition of value.

The Calculator

You scored %.

If you score your adviser above 73%, they are above the national average.

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The Value Index

Assuming equal weight for each question, the Industry Value Index sits at 73 out of 100, with 100 representing ‘maximum value’. While time will provide greater context, it is safe to describe the results as “relatively strong, with room for improvement”. With the creation of the Value Index, and its initial result of 73 out of 100, Vanguard can monitor and track over time the industry’s progress in creating and delivering value.