Membership FAQ

Q: I'm interested in what the club has to offer. How do I check out that it would be right for me without making any financial commitment?

A: Our first step is to invite you in to have a look around the club and have a mutual no obligation assessment session with us.

We do not want to have unhappy club members so if you have any doubts or reservations and likewise if we feel that we can’t add value for you we will agree to go no further.

Even if you choose to go ahead, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Q: If after the initial free consultation, I'm interested in joining the club, what's the next step?

A: If it seems appropriate at the end of your initial free consultation we will discuss with you which of our two membership packages would work best for you. You can then decide which you prefer.

Q: What are the various membership options open to me?

A: Please see our list of membership options by clicking here.

Q: How does your money back guarantee work?

A:  At the end of our comprehensive analysis and induction meeting if you feel we have failed to deliver on the promised benefits we will fully refund your joining fee. In most cases we are confident we can:

  1. Significantly reduce your current fees & charges
  2. Significantly reduce your current risk
  3. Show which of your funds to avoid and why
  4. Help you understand how your current investment strategy matches against your scientifically based risk/reward profile

Q: Can I upgrade from one membership package to another at any stage?

A: Yes.

Can We Help You?
If you have any further questions,  please feel free to call us at  at 020 8201 5132 or email us at [email protected]